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The Bioregion is an initiative led by the Cluster of Biotechnology and Biomedicine of the Balearic Islands with the aim of promoting the competitiveness and the development of regional biotechnological and biomedical sector. It is through the revitalization of the cluster that fosters cooperation between its members and the actors of the innovation system, whether companies, hospitals or centers generating knowledge.

Agentes BIOIB

  • Hospitals
  • Companies
  • Knowledge generating centers
  • Cluster/ IEA/ Foundations
  • Collaborative platforms
Company/Organization Type Url
Cluster/ AEI/ Fundaciones Col·legi Oficial de Metges Illes Balears Cluster/ IEA/ Foundations http://www.comib.com/
Empresas Alimentomica S.L. Companies www.alimentomica.com
Empresas Aquicultura Balear SAU Companies www.culmarex.com
Empresas Biloop Technological S.L. Companies www.biloop.com
Empresas Bionórica Extracts S.L. Companies www.bionorica.com
Empresas Bipsin & Mentalment Companies http://www.mentalment.es/
Empresas Centre Balear de Biologia Aplicada S.L. Companies www.cbba-online.com
Empresas Enoc Solutions S.L. Companies www.transtechnics.com
Empresas Genosalut Balears S.L. Companies www.genosalut.com
Empresas Institut Biotecnològic de les Illes Balears S.L. Companies www.ibib.es
Empresas Implantmedia S.A. Companies www.implantmedia.com
Empresas Laboratori Labo'Life España S.A. Companies www.labolife.com
Empresas Lipopharma Therapeutics S.L. Companies www.lipopharma.com
Empresas Numat Biomedical S.L. Companies www.numat.es
Empresas Grupo Palmaplanas Companies www.palmaplanas.com
Empresas Sanifit Therapeutics S.A. Companies www.sanifit.com
Empresas Stem-Center S.L. Companies www.stem-center.com
Empresas Syntax for Science S.L. Companies www.syntaxforscience.com
Empresas Vitalmend Baleares S.L. Companies www.vit-almen.com
Empresas Oftalmedic Companies clinicasalva.es
Empresas Clarke Modet & Cº Companies www.clarkemodet.es
Empresas Monereo Meyer Abogados Companies www.mmmm.es
Empresas Sofpromed Investigación Clínica S.L.U. Companies www.sofpromed.com
Empresas Agroilla SAT Companies www.agroilla.com
Empresas Beesensor Technologies Companies www.beesensor.com
Empresas Bega Pharmaceuticals S.L. Companies
Empresas Carob S.A. Companies ww2.carob.es
Empresas Es Garrover de Mallorca S.L. Companies
Empresas ICTM S.L. Companies
Empresas Instituto Balear de Infertilidad Laboratorios S.L. Companies www.ibi-es.com
Empresas Medting LTD Companies www.medting.com
Empresas Mel Pharma S.L. Companies www.melpharma.com
Empresas Synergy Map S.L. Companies
Empresas Mallorca Clinical Trials Companies www.mallorcaclinicaltrials.com
Empresas Center For Intelligent Research In Crystal Engineering Companies www.circecrystal.com
Empresas Outlining Technology Transfer & Innovation Companies www.outlininginnovation.com
Empresas Desarrollo Internacional de Micro- Inmunoterapia Companies
Empresas BioDan Sciences Companies www-biodansci.com
Empresas Apploading Companies http://apploading.com
Empresas ​BEGA Pharmaceuticals Companies info@begapharma.com
Empresas NuMat Medtech Companies http://www.numat.es/
Empresas Stem Europe Companies http://stem-europe.com/
Hospitales Policlínica Miramar Hospitals www.policlinicamiramar.com
Hospitales Clínica Capistrano Hospitals www.clinicacapistrano.com
Hospitales Clinic Balear Hospitals www.clinicbalear.com
Hospitales Clínica Juaneda Hospitals www.juaneda.es
Hospitales Clínica Mutua Balear Hospitals www.mutuabalear.es
Hospitales Clínica Rotger Hospitals clinicarotger.com
Hospitales Hospital Can Misses Hospitals www.ibsalut.es
Hospitales Fundación Hospital Público Comarcal D'Inca Hospitals www.ibsalut.es
Hospitales Hospital de Manacor Hospitals fundacion.hospitalmanacor.org
Hospitales Hospital Mateu Orfila Hospitals www.ib-salut.caib.es
Hospitales Hospital Universitari Son Espases Hospitals www.hospitalsonespases.es
Hospitales Hospital Son Llátzer Hospitals www.hsll.es
Hospitales Hospital Sant Joan de Déu Hospitals www.hsjdpalma.es
Hospitales Hospital Creu Roja Hospitals www.cruzroja.es
Hospitales Hospital Quirón Palmaplanas Hospitals www.quiron.es
Hospitales Hospital de Llevant Hospitals www.hllevant.com
Hospitales Policlínica Ntra. Sra. del Rosario Hospitals www.grupopoliclinica.es
Hospitales Clínica Juaneda Muro Hospitals www.juaneda.es
Hospitales Clínica Juaneda Mahón Hospitals www.juaneda.es
Hospitales Clínica Juaneda Menorca Hospitals www.juaneda.es
Centros de conocimiento Fundación Kovacs Knowledge generating centers www.kovacs.org
Centros de conocimiento Universitat de les Illes Balears Knowledge generating centers www.uib.es
Centros de conocimiento Fundació Universitat Empresa de les Illes Balears Knowledge generating centers www.fueib.org
Centros de conocimiento Fundació Banc de Sang i Teixits Knowledge generating centers www.fbstib.org
Centros de conocimiento IDISPA Knowledge generating centers www.idispa.es