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Center For Intelligent Research In Crystal Engineering

Center For Intelligent Research In Crystal Engineering


Circe is a company that, through innovative and advanced forecasting tools and virtual validation in the laboratory helps the discovery, development and optimization of drugs. Our lines of R & D allow us to develop two main lines of business:

1. crystalline engineering services: Through innovative and unique tools for predicting crystal forms and a virtual-experimental approach, we seek new and characterize solid forms (salts, polymorphs and cocristales) of active pharmaceutical ingredients . Our main advantage over competitors is our unique software tool for predicting cocristalls, developed by Dr. Hunter and Prohens promoters of the company.

2. Design of computer systems for accelerated drug discovery: from a new patented technology stochastic calculus, developed by Dr. Roussillon, we accelerated computing system designs tailored to different methodologies to carry out drug discovery companies.



  • Specific computational hardware acceleration of large databases with stochastic logic systems (neural mining)


  • Virtual and experimental screening of co-crystals, polymorphisms and salts
  • Prediction about the likely co-instructors co-crystallized API
  • Process development and supply of preclinical lots
  • Prediction of polymorphs
  • High Speed Computer System
  • Scaling new co-crystals and polymorphs
  • Design of high-speed computing for drug discovery
  • Characterization new solid forms of active ingredients (API)
  • Stability of solid forms of active ingredients (API)
  • Consulting, training and search of solid state patents related to co-crystals and polymorphs


  • Virtual screening tool of co-crystals.
  • Virtual screening tool polymorphs.
  • Specific computational hardware acceleration of large databases with stochastic logic systems (neural mining).

Market/ Developement areas

  • Pharmacist. Discovery of new crystalline forms to improve the properties of the active ingredient (solubility, stability, bioavailability ...) and to extend their intellectual property protection. With special interest in the development of co-crystals of active ingredients.
  • Nutraceutical. Discovery of new, improved and patented solid forms of active ingredients nutraceuticals.
  • R & D in engineering and solid state crystal. Thermal stability studies. Physico-chemical solid forms. Characterization
  • Analysis of solubility and dissolution rate.
  • Discovery and development of new proprietary solid forms of active pharmaceutical ingredients and nutraceuticals.



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