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Clínica Humana

Clínica Humana


Clínica Humana is a Balearic company specialized in the Management of Chronic Patients. Founded and directed by Dr. Karina Ojanguren, its medical director, Humana has a solid and recognized reputation in the out-of-hospital management of chronic patients.

At the same time, Clínica Humana has created the first Integral Care Unit for chronic patients, in order to provide a real solution for this group of patients, which is already a health problem in Europe and throughout the world. We are a comprehensive healthcare organization for chronic patient care outside the hospital setting, with more than eight years of experience, with built-in technological tools and our own approach. We are working to build a sustainable care model. A unique health ecosystem for the care and control of the chronic patient both in our Humana space and in the patient's home.


Humana Cloud EHR is a comprehensive EHR (Electronic Health Record) and teleassistance platform that centralizes all the medical and health information of a patient, including access and interaction of the different health entities or organizations involved in their care.

Unlike the current systems developed by health centers or organizations, based solely on the management of information for the entity itself, Humana Cloud places the patient at the center of the process and enables him/her to have a complete vision of his/her health and to act proactively.

Humana Cloud EHR contemplates the participation of the different organizations of the healthcare ecosystem (private health, public health, insurance companies, private companies, caregivers, etc.) always on the basis that the patient's health data are the property of the patient.

Throughout his/her life, a patient goes through different states of health and goes through different organizations and medical centers, but his/her health information (Clinical History or EHR) must be centralized and incremental, so that it allows him/her to participate in the management of his/her health and develop a lifestyle appropriate to his/her circumstances.

Market/ Developement areas

1.Chronic patients of different scales or stratifications

2.Public or private hospitals

3.Insurance companies

4.Nursing homes           


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