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A bright future for vitamin D.

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The founders of CIRCE, a member of the BIOIB cluster, have made it their mission to improve the effect of vitamins and other nutraceuticals by making them more stable and bioavailable through the application of new technologies based on crystalline engineering, an innovative scientific discipline in the field of nutrition. Recently, they have succeeded in developing a crystalline form of vitamin D that makes it much more heat stable and avoids dosing errors.

Vitamin D deficiency can lead to many chronic diseases, as it affects the proper absorption of calcium and other important functions in the body, mainly at the level of the bone, but not only. A deficiency of vitamin D has even been associated with an increased severity of Covid-19. The newly developed co-crystal also reduces the risk of excessive intake and thus the likelihood of hypervitaminosis.

To learn more about this achievement, read the full article published on 30 July in El Confidencial.