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BIOIB ITS: Innovation, Transfer and Sustainability

BIOIB ITS: Innovation, Transfer and Sustainability


BIOIB’s main objective is to consolidate the role of BIOIB to increase the sustainability and impact of the cluster in the Balearic economy and innovation system. This involves boosting, improving and consolidating the innovative ecosystem of the biotechnology and biomedical sector in the Balearic Islands, as well as consolidating the scope and impact of the cluster in new related sectors within the bioeconomy and circular economy. BIOIB to achieve this main objective, in its Strategic Plan 2018-2023 has defined the following priority lines of action and strategic objectives, on which the cluster will focus in the coming years:


Line of action 1. Organizational model: broadening the scope of sustainable strategic action of financing.

Line of action 2. Relations with partners: improvement of the range of services offered.

Line of action 3. Relations with the Administration.

Action Line 4. Networks and collaboration: improving international projection.


Total budget: 152,335.53€

Aid granted: €114,251.65€

Execution period: 01/01/2017- 30/10/2020

 Project co-financed by sustainable tourism funds.