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MEDICAL ASR GROUP, S.L. is a Majorcan e-health start-up dedicated to the development of gig economy platforms for online patient consultation, management and monitoring through gamification and positive reinforcement to create patient loyalty, greater adherence to treatment and motivation.
MEDICAL ASR is currently developing a multidimensional mobile app for monitoring patients with chronic pain.


Dra. Patricia Puiggròs (directora general)

Anesthesiologist, Pain Therapist, Sports and Physical Education Physician

Annabel Teixidó (directora técnica)

SEO and web analyst

Ricardo Marco (director de operaciones)

Physical Trainer & Fitness Trainer

Pedro Novás (director económico-financiero)

Economist and entrepreneur in the health sector


Servicios / Productos

– Medical Treatment Packages
– Online Medical Consultation
– Online Private Medical Prescription
– Genetic Testing (Nutritional Or Sports)
– Rental of Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation Equipment
– Radiology Tests In Our Associated Centers

Tecnología / Patentes

Multidimensional mobile app for the follow-up of patients with chronic pain.

Mercado / Áreas de desarrollo

Spanish-speaking countries (Spain and South America)

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MEDICAL ASR GROUP S.L. C/ Guillem Massot, 56 07003 Palma (Illes Balears)