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CIRCE CRYSTAL ENGINEERING is an innovative company specialized in the identification and characterization of new solid forms of known active compounds for the modulation of their physicochemical properties.

By using crystalline engineering, CIRCE optimizes the properties of a compound (such as solubility, bioavailability, stability, photostability…) to improve its competitiveness or overcome limitations that compromise its development or commercialization. The result is improved products, with strong IP protection, that generate advantages for both the product and its commercial exploitation.

Servicios / Productos

CIRCE’s R&D team has been researching for years in crystalline engineering and specifically, in new solid experimental research. With the support and collaboration of some research groups from different universities, CIRCE is conducting successful virtual and experimental evaluations to identify and characterize new solid forms of relevant bioactive compounds.

The combined use of this experience, with proprietary and virtual research and experimental testing tools, allows CIRCE to realize an efficient process for the improvement of bioactive compounds through the application of crystalline engineering techniques to recognized active ingredients.

Tecnología / Patentes


Virtual co-crystal screening tool.


Crystalline forms of beta-sitosterol. 2018. Solicitud PCT. Applicant file reference: P3883PC00.

Cocrystals of ubiquinol and compositions comprising them. 2019. Solicitud PCT. Application number: PCT/EP2019/054420.

Cocrystals of ubiquinone and compositions comprising them. 2018. Solicitud Patente Europea. Application number: EP18382590.

Mercado / Áreas de desarrollo

  • Pharmaceuticals. Discovery of new crystalline forms to improve the properties of the active ingredient (solubility, stability, bioavailability…) and to extend its intellectual protection. With special interest in the development of cocrystals of active ingredients.
  • Nutraceuticals.Discovery of new improved and patentable solid forms of nutraceutical active ingredients.
  • R&D in crystalline engineering and solid state.
  • Thermal stability studies. Physicochemical characterization of solid forms.
    Solubility and dissolution rate analysis.
  • Discovery and development of new proprietary solid forms of active pharmaceutical and nutraceutical ingredients.

C/ Isaac Newton, Puerta A-5, Edificio Disset - ParcBit. 07121 Palma de Mallorca

871 946 047