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Join us!

There are many reasons for you to want to be part of BIOIB. We want you to join us because each new partner multiplies the possibilities of contacts, projects and business for all members.

The biotechnological and biomedical cluster of the Balearic Islands is the meeting place and dialogue of all the agents related to the bioeconomy.

Do you want to be a member of the cluster or have more information to evaluate the possibility to join our association?

If your company is not yet part of the cluster, you can contact us using the form below or sending an email to and we will contact you.

To become a member of the cluster, you must meet the following requirements:

Submit a written request using and completing the membership application document.

Receive the notification from BIOIB, approving your incorporation.

Satisfy the membership fee with the established periodicity.


of being part of bioib

You will be part of a sectoral entity that is a direct interlocutor to the local and regional government in terms of technological innovation.

You will gain greater visibility and presence, as BIOIB is a powerful communication channel and acts as a platform to give voice and value to the projects and activities of its members.

Through the cluster you will have access to different regional, national and international networks related to the sector and you will be able to attend fairs, congresses and different events organized by these networks. You will have the opportunity to meet potential partners and new business opportunities nationally and internationally.

You will be able to participate in programs to attract, grow and retain talent, as well as to promote innovative and intrapreneurial attitudes. You will have access to a talent pool focused on your industry.

You will have the opportunity to receive trainings according to your needs and interests.

You will receive relevant information related to the sector, market trends and the state of science.

You will have at your disposal a series of business management tools developed by the cluster for use by its companies and associated entities.

You will be able to participate in working groups and networking days between partners and other relevant agents in the sector, which will allow you to generate alliances and learn about new business opportunities.

You will have access to specialized infrastructures, providers and services, directly or through our corporate partners.

You will be part of a group of companies and entities that believe in the role of R & D & I as an engine of change and development, accessing a communication forum that facilitates the exchange of resources, knowledge, experiences, concerns and interests.

Membership fee

Cluster membership fees are progressive, depending on the company size.

600 €


800 €


1.000 €


1.500 €