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MISSIONS Science and Innovation 2021: CDTI’s new call for proposals is now open

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The Center for the Development of Industrial Technology (CDTI) has published the Science and Innovation call for the year 2021, whose objective is the development of multi-sector and multi-technology R&D initiatives. The program will support precompetitive research projects in cooperation, led by companies, to achieve:

  • Relevant research that proposes solutions to cross-cutting and strategic challenges of Spanish society.
  • Improve the knowledge and technology base on which Spanish companies rely to compete.
  • Stimulate public-private cooperation

Among the 9 missions identified, we consider the following to be of special interest to our sector:

  • Promote the technological advancement and training of the Spanish biopharmaceutical industry to foster R&D activities in the field of advanced therapies, vaccines and targeted therapies.
  • To promote Spanish agriculture in the 21st century: sustainable, intelligent, efficient in the consumption of water resources and agricultural inputs, and adapted to climate change.

The program presents two categories of participation: one category for high-budget projects (around 5 million euros) and another for initiatives with a smaller budget, led by SMEs, with a budget of around 1.5 to 3 million euros.

Of the total budget of EUR 141 million, EUR 31 million will be allocated to projects related to the health mission (mission 8), with a minimum of EUR 4.5 million destined for SME projects. The remaining EUR 110 million will finance the rest of the planned missions, with a minimum of EUR 15 million going to SME projects.

The deadline for submission of proposals is September 6 at 12:00 (peninsular time) through the CDTI’s online portal.

More information on the call for proposals.