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Nanodecal is declared the winner of the BIOIB Competition Pitch

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On Wednesday, May 31, 2023, the BIOIB Investment Day and Competition Pitch took place at the Parc Bit Auditorium with IKI Health, Nanodecal and Todo Biomedical Consulting Group as finalists.

The event began with an institutional welcome by Mr. Omar Beidas, Head of the Innovation Service of the Government of the Islands, and then MR. Ricardo Garcia, CEO of the Oncoheroes Biosciences company, shared an inspiring talk with the participants about his experience as an entrepreneur in the Boston ecosystem.

Immediately afterwards, the Pitch competition took place, which was marked by the high quality of the participating start-ups: ‘IKI Health Group; represented by Dr. Patricia Puiggròs Hernández, Nanodecal represented by Roberto de la Rica and TODO Biomedical Consulting represented by mr. Mrei Ewers.

The jury was made up of Mr. Omar Beidas Soler, Head of the Innovation Service of the Government of the Balearic Islands, MR. Pep Lluís Pons Hinojosa, General Director of University Policy and Research of the Government of the Balearic Islands. Balearic Islands and mr. Pau Gimeno Mata, Executive Vice President of the Richi Childhood Cancer Foundation.

Lastly, the company Nanodecal was proclaimed the winner of the Pitch competition and through the award will participate in the Richi Entrepreneurs 2023 edition of the program, which will help them open their doors in the #Boston life sciences ecosystem.

The event concluded with an excellent semi-virtual investor roundtable with Sabela Rincón from Starla Capital, SR. Lech Ignatowicz, Nordic Science Capital, Mr. Toni Grunwald, Max Ventures and Ms. Zara Pons, BIOIB manager as moderator. During the roundtable, they discussed common mistakes and the advantages of working with #deeptech and #lifeScience startups, the need for #co-investments across Europe to make our markets more attractive and, finally, the rise of Digital Health, challenges of health data sharing and date-based start-ups.

This Initiative is financed within the framework of the BIO-INVESTMENT project of the General Directorate for Innovation of the Government of the Balearic Islands with funds from the sustainable tourism tax.