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Spotless (Maquinaria Adaptada y Autónoma, S.L.)

Spotless (Maquinaria Adaptada y Autónoma, S.L.) is an independent company of scientists, engineers, consultants and technical specialists, working in all aspects of the disinfection and air treatment environment. Together they help their customers to solve challenges in the new reality – making environments cleaner and safer.

To this end, they focus on the development of new, adapted and autonomous machinery with proven effectiveness in eliminating viruses, bacteria and other pathogens in living spaces and ventilation ducts.

They study existing technologies to adapt them to their machinery, as well as research and test them before incorporating them into their products. The current development is specifically oriented to the elimination of the virus causing the current world pandemic using ozone and ultraviolet radiation.


Servicios / Productos


Our objectives:
SPOTLESS business model is the sale, adaptation and installation of autonomous machinery for air purification and disinfection of all types of viruses and bacteria in closed rooms.

Each of the adapted machines has integrated data collection software that allows the end user to know in real time the disinfection status of the enclosures or vehicles. It will represent a paradigm shift in the way cleaning and disinfection is understood by the user.

At the same time, the customer is offered a combination of consultancy, development of adapted and autonomous machinery and certified cleaning services. All in one, tailoring a safety protocol that guarantees constant and risk-free disinfection for staff and users.

Our services:

1. Consulting (safety protocol)
The consulting department meets with the client and analyzes the disinfection processes he/she usually uses. It designs a detailed study of the internal sanitization process and detects areas for improvement. With this information, an action protocol is drawn up to guarantee efficient disinfection for the company.

2. Manufacture, sale and rental of machinery
Once the previous phase has been determined, an evaluation of the existing machinery on the market is carried out and the one that best suits the client’s needs is chosen. We adapt the machines and install them in your business so that it is the client himself who performs the disinfection tasks following the designed protocol.

3. Cleaning services
Once the machinery is installed, we proceed to check that the adjustments made guarantee the sanitization of the rooms. The relevant training is given to the maintenance personnel so that they acquire the knowledge of the tools.


MODULBOX+ is a modular design in which each box provides an independent solution and as a whole is intended to purify and disinfect the air with the application of a ventilation system, filtration, germicidal light or ozone generator and a control unit where a series of meters and sensors are housed to provide data on humidity, temperature and air quality.
With a compact base design, this module can be installed and positioned in the field. Impervious to vibration, humidity or ambient temperatures, these units can be mounted in any location.

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Tecnología / Patentes

Spotless is constantly researching to improve its products, providing more opportunities for future development. The MODULBOX+ device will be manufactured in-house and will have a low cost for customers, with the option of offering maintenance services and tracking of metrics and information provided by the equipment for each space where it is installed.
The health crisis generated by the SARS-Cov-2 pandemic has awakened the need for companies to have machinery that disinfects their facilities from any pathogen that could cause them to shut down due to contagion. The companies need a new protocol of action with autonomous machines designed to disinfect any room or room and to ensure health safety for customers and workers.


Mercado / Áreas de desarrollo

The technology developed by SPOTLESS can be adjusted to the specific scenarios of boats, means of transport, ambulances, hotel or hospital stays, private homes, elevators, etc., only by regulating the specifications for each specific case.

In this sense, it has developed conversations with a specific sector having carried out studies of the disinfection process that is usually carried out in ambulances used in emergency medical assistance services belonging to the GSAIB (Gestió Sanitària i Assitència de les Illes Balears).

The disinfection process of the ambulances lasts approximately 2 hours and is carried out by subcontracted cleaning personnel who use chemical products for disinfection. Once in the vehicle, they empty the components, clean them individually, then proceed to clean the interior of the vehicle and, again, placing the components in their original place.

International market development plan

The company will initially collaborate with national companies and institutions, to whom it will offer its products on advantageous terms in exchange for their support in order for them to reach the technological maturity and usability necessary to enter international markets. In this sense, SPOTLESS will begin its opening to international markets and aims to become a global company that, with a strong concentration of activities in Spain, will gradually engage in international markets to the exact extent that the accumulation of knowledge and resources will allow it. It is understood that internationalization is essential for the survival of our project in a globalized and highly competitive world.

SPOTLESS will continue to seek international partners and agents to help develop the capabilities to adapt its products and commercial policies to compete successfully in other markets.

Once the tools have been developed, SPOTLESS plans to introduce the company to Spanish and foreign multinational companies with which it is already in contact, with a special focus on Europe and the USA. These companies function as real communication and dissemination networks of new technologies that are being incorporated into business practice, since the professionals themselves are permanently in contact with other colleagues at an international level within their areas of expertise, keeping themselves constantly updated on the technological advances that are being produced and exchanging information about them.


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