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Stem Care Company

Stem Care Company (Stem Cell Lab SL) is a cell therapy and advanced development center, founded in 2020 by Andreas Jahn (Administrator) and Carlos Rio (Partner).

Stem Care Company offers their experience in regenerative therapy based on adult stem cells for mainly, but not only, the treatment of cats, dogs and horses. It is a painless, fast and efficient treatment that utilizes the regenerative capacity of mesenchymal stem cells (MSC), applied in a local or systemic (in the bloodstream) administration. The number of pets in Spain, and in general throughout Europe, has increased dramatically in recent years, so the need to offer owners the best therapeutic alternatives for the welfare of their animals has emerged with even greater impetus.

This therapeutic strategy is one of the most modern, recognized and efficient drug-free procedures that has been developed in the world veterinary market in the last decade. It is a natural treatment useful in a wide variety of diseases, and different from the traditional medication that is so necessary, but which brings with it in many occasions the usual and feared side effects.

Also, since each of these stem cell therapies are specific to each individual, we facilitate and provide our expertise and best advice on the procedure of administering the cells for each patient, always trying to establish a close collaboration between Stem Care Company, veterinarians and pet owners. 

Servicios / Productos


Our objectives:

  • To bring the most effective and efficient therapy to help and cure animals in the Spanish / European / world market.
  • To improve and optimize medical treatments for animals.
  • To make these treatments available to the greatest number of animals, the veterinarians who treat them and, obviously, the pet owners.


Regenerative stem cell therapy to treat, help and cure animals with pain and certain pathologies…

  • With very fast results and very efficient regenerative capacity.
    To improve the quality of life.
  • With a high impact against inflammation and pain.
  • To increase your life expectancy.
  • Without operations and painful treatments.
  • Without harmful side effects.

Our services:

  • Our team has more than 10 years of experience in the field of regenerative stem cell therapy research in human lung diseases, which is reflected in the quality of our daily work in the laboratory and the efficiency of our therapies. We are also backed by a well-established daily practice in the medical-veterinary, biological and scientific fields, particularly in the field of animal health.
  • Adult stem cells are obtained from fresh tissue samples from the patient’s own body, e.g. fat tissue, bone marrow, umbilical cords, dental pulp, etc. under sterile conditions in a cell culture laboratory.
  • Our procedures guarantee a “minimal manipulation process” resulting in a very high quality and viability of the adult stem cells.
  • Adult stem cells are expanded, characterized and tested for quality and sterility prior to application/delivery using scientifically proven and accepted standard methods.
  • Depending on the disease and patient, we offer local regenerative stem cell treatments and intravenous (into the bloodstream) regenerative treatments for, but not limited to, cats, dogs and horses.
  • Stem Care Company offers veterinarians a “ready-to-use” treatment that is easy and quick to administer.
  • The guarantee of successful therapy: adult stem cells can be used for regenerative therapy the same day, up to 24 hours after leaving the laboratory.
  • We offer efficient, fast and optimal treatment of injuries and chronic pathologies with cells that produce anti-inflammatory, analgesic and regenerative factors.
  • We provide an exclusive follow-up of each case.
  • Stem cells support the immune system and have already been successfully used in cases of diseases that compromise the immune system (e.g. viruses, parasites, allergies, etc.). In addition, we provide our expertise on the optimal mode of administration for each patient, as each of these stem cell therapies are specific to each individual, establishing a close collaboration between Stem Care Company, veterinary professionals and pet owners.



It should be clarified that our stem cell based product is a regenerative therapy with autologous live adult stem cells. These are NOT embryonic stem cells whose use raises a certain ethical conflict.


¿Cómo funciona?


Tecnología / Patentes

Stem Care Company offers an innovative regenerative therapy based on autologous adult stem cells unique to the animals being treated. These cells are isolated in cell culture laboratories, under sterile conditions, usually, but not only, from the patient’s own adipose tissue. They can also be obtained in certain cases from other sources such as bone marrow, umbilical cord, dental pulp and other tissues.

Mercado / Áreas de desarrollo

Stem Care Company focuses its treatments in five fundamental areas:



Tissue regeneration.



Population of millions of cats, dogs and horses with increasing problems of:

Pain management ( e.g. osteoarthritis).

Diabetes and obesity.

Viral, bacterial and parasitic infections.

Allergies (food, pollution, etc.) and immune problems.

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C/Dragonera 15, 8C 07014 Palma de Mallorca

Andeas Jahn (+34) 717 710 654 - Carlos Rio (+34) 717 710 787