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ADNTRO Genetics

Biotechnological start-up involved in the bioinformatic analysis of genomic data obtained by various genomic technologies. We have three very different areas of work:

1. B2B: We work with hospitals, laboratories and private clinics offering next-generation sequencing (NGS) services – exome (WES), genome (WGS) and customizable virtual gene panels -, genetic counseling services before and after performing a diagnostic genetic test and bioinformatic analysis services for clinical diagnosis. Likewise, we offer biomarker analysis services with great relevance in genomic medicine, especially in the area of ​​pharmacogenetics. These analyzes include clinical recommendations for more than 50 drugs.

2. B2C: We carry out genotyping studies using microarray technology through a saliva sample that allow obtaining information and genetic associations covering areas as diverse as genetic origins (ancestry), nutrigenomics, sports, genetic behavior, predisposition to diseases through the analysis of biomarkers of the GSA array, pharmacogenetics (GSA array) and innovative, curious and fun studies such as your predisposition to mosquito bites or various sleep traits – insomnia, snoring, etc.

3. R&D: currently focused on optimizing a new polygenic algorithm or Polygenic Risk Score (PRS) for estimating risk/susceptibility to various diseases, supported and validated with genomic data and clinical information offered by UKBiobank samples ( as validation of the analysis of more than 20k microarrays already carried out by us.

Guillermo Pérez Solero – CEO & Founder
Jorge Blom-Dahl Oliver – CTO & Co-founder
Adán González López – CXO & Co-founder
Jair Tenorio – CSO. Molecular Geneticist
Sandra Ferreiro López – Bioinformatician

Services / Products


1. Next Generation Sequencing Services (NGS).

2. Genetic counseling consultation services before and after carrying out a diagnostic genetic study.

3. Personalized bioinformatic analysis services for genetic diagnosis.

4. Biomarker analysis services with great clinical relevance in genomic medicine, especially in the area of pharmacogenetics.

5. Genotyping studies using microarrays.


DNA kit through a saliva sample that allows obtaining a detailed report obtaining genetic association information in areas as diverse as genetic origins (ancestry), nutrigenomics, sports, genetic behavior, predisposition to diseases, pharmacogenetics and innovative, curious studies and funny like your predisposition to mosquito bites or various sleep traits – insomnia, snoring…

Technologies/ Patents

In the B2B world we have active collaborations for genetic analysis for diagnosis in children’s oncology, mainly, and several research projects in the approval process:
  • 1. TAiGen: Project presented to the Collaboration Challenges program in consortium with the Recoletas Group Hospitals group and the International Artificial Intelligence and Computer Science Research Institute Foundation (AIR Institute). The project focuses on the study of the genotype-phenotype correlation and the prevention of sarcopenia evaluated through medical imaging and genetic studies in patients with head and neck cancer treated with radiotherapy/chemotherapy.
  • 2. Meet&Match: Project pending resolution for one of the programs organized by EIT Health- Disruptive solutions for the early identification of the disease and the interdisciplinary treatment of eosinophilic diseases.
  • 3. Horizon 20-30 (Horizon Europe Framework Programme): Project to determine risk susceptibility to cardiovascular diseases in the field of cardiogenomics. Development of a polygenic risk prediction algorithm for heart disease such as acute myocardial infarction.
  • 4. Call for grants to carry out R&D activity programs between research groups in the Community of Madrid in Biomedicine (2022) – P2022/BMD-7426. Partner in the project: “Integration of methylome global genomic methylation profiles in children with suspected rare diseases, as a diagnostic complement: unraveling variants of uncertain significance”.
  • 5. Development of a new PRS (Polygenic Risk Score) using genomic and clinical data from the UK Biobank database as a benchmark.
  • 6. Detection of carriers of monogenic diseases in the clinical setting for pre-reproductive genetic counseling
In the B2C area we are promoting several research projects such as:
  • 1. Development of a score that represents the compatibility of couples, focusing on their offspring, such as the possible development of monogenic recessive diseases.
  • 2. Development of a bioinformatic algorithm to optimize the fine detection of subpopulations for the identification of the ancestors of a person.

Market/ Development Areas

B2B: Our offer is aimed at public and private clinics, laboratories and clinical centers in which we offer solutions in the part of the value chain of WGS/WES sequencing, as well as bioinformatic analysis for both (1) genetic diagnosis as for (2) the identification of the genomic risk of diseases based on the PRS (Polygenic Risk Score) algorithms.
B2C: Our offer is aimed at the end customer, with genotyping solutions and access to the ADNTRO report through our platform (dynamic and updated), also compatible with the upload of RAW DNA data from established players in the sector such as 23&Me, MyHeritage, Ancestry DNA… (26M clients already genotyped + penetration of new clients).

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