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biotechnological and biomedical cluster of the Balearic Islands

A cluster is the result of the combination, in a geographical area or productive sector, of companies and research and knowledge generation centers, public or private, involved in a collaborative exchange process aimed at obtaining advantages and / or benefits derived from the implementation of joint innovative projects in nature.

Its activity is organized around a branch or scientific or technological sector and / or a market or market segment.

It is, therefore, a knot (loop) of collaboration; a common place and an active agent in a given environment or ecosystem of innovation, which allows the attraction of talent and resources, strengthening existing institutions and companies and encouraging the creation of new ones; contributing, in short, to the socio-economic development of the geographical area or sector in which it operates.

BIOIB, the biotechnology and biomedical cluster of the Balearic Islands, was born in 2010 as an initiative of the Government of the Balearic Islands and the Balearic Association of Biotechnological Companies, made up of companies in which technological innovation plays a key role within its competitive strategy.

Its creation, therefore, is the result of the conjunction of all the actors of the triple helix, which includes the Administration, public and private hospitals, the University of the Balearic Islands and other Knowledge-generating institutions and interface, as well as the business fabric of the biotechnological and biomedical sectors. In 2016, BIOIB received the “Silver Label in Cluster Management Excellence”, a European recognition for the quality of the Cluster management.


Commitment. With Science and Technological Innovation as an engine of growth and change.


National and international projection. We want to contribute to the creation of an image of the Balearic Islands in which R&D&i play a fundamental role in the development of society and its economy.

Vocation of public service. We believe in R&D&i at the service of society, which contributes to the quality of life of citizens and the improvement of their environment.

Job generation. We work to generate qualified employment, encouraging trainings and talent recruitment into companies and institutions on the islands.

Collaboration. We are committed to the collaboration between the different agents in the environment as an optimal method for their development.


PROMOTE AND MAKE VISIBLE the work of institutions and companies in the biotechnology sector of the islands. Locally, nationally and internationally.


PROMOTE THE INCORPORATION OF TALENT in the companies and institutions of the cluster, through trainings, support in the incorporation process and the creation of new technology-based companies.

WEAVE COLLABORATION NETWORKS, both internal (between partners) and external, through specialized national and international networks.

FACILITATE ACCESS TO TECHNOLOGICAL INFRASTRUCTURES that allow the development of the activities of companies and associated institutions.

ATTRACT PUBLIC AND PRIVATE FUNDING that allows the creation and consolidation of business initiatives related to Science and Innovation.

INCREASE THE WEIGHT OF THE BIOTECHNOLOGY SECTOR IN THE BALEARIC ECONOMY, encouraging support policies by the administration that aim to promote R & D in the sector as a key element for its transformation and development.

Our Vision

To turn R&D&i into the transforming element of the economy, at the service of society and sustainability.

Our Mission

Lead the economic transformation of the Balearic Islands, positioning R & D in the bioeconomy sector, as the key element to achieve it, and also working on creating an optimal legal, political and economic environment.


Get to know the main projects that BIOIB has developed or in which it has participated since its creation.

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BIOIB, the biotechnological and biomedical cluster of the Balearic Islands, is the meeting place and dialogue of all agents related to the bioeconomy.

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