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The international pharmaceutical group Labo’Life expands its headquarters in Consell with a bio-sustainable building

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The international pharmaceutical group Labo’Life, based in Consell, has inaugurated its new building, a bio-sustainable building of 1,297 square meters, which demonstrates the group’s commitment to its headquarters in Mallorca, and its consolidation as a part of the industrial fabric of the Balearic Islands. The event was attended by Miquel Ensenyat, president of the Consell de Mallorca; Gabriel Barceló, Vice President and Minister of Innovation, Research and Tourism; Iago Negueruela, Minister of Labor, Commerce and Industry; Andreu Isern, Mayor of Consell; and Ian Wilders, CEO of the Labo’Life group.

The president of the Consell de Mallorca, Miquel Ensenyat, has expressed that companies like Labo’Life are the example to follow the “need to diversify our economic model based on monoculture tourism, which makes us a very weak economy.” Gabriel Barceló, Vice-President of the Government, stressed that “one of the great contributions of Labo’Life is to create qualified workplaces, many of them occupied by people trained at the University of the Balearic Islands.”

Ian Wilders, general manager of Labo’Life, has taken advantage of the opening ceremony to emphasize that this building is a bet “to grow as a company and to continue with the research, to go beyond the science of today to reach the science of tomorrow”.

The new building has cost for Labo’Life an investment of 1,300,000 euros. In it will it will work 30 people, although this building has a capacity to accommodate up to 50 workers, depending on the needs of the company during the next years. In recent years, Labo’Life has significantly increased the number of workers: from the 2 employees at the time of the creation of Labo’Life España, in 1992, to more than 100 current Labo’Life group, of which 60% work in the facilities of Consell, which marks its 25th anniversary this year and has become the epicenter of the entire international group.

Labo’Life has put special interest in the environmental characteristics of its new building, looking for maximum efficiency and low energy consumption. The building, designed by the ARQUITECTES architects (architects Jaume A. Cerdà Guardiola, J. Sebastià Company Oliver and Toni Salort Arbona) is one of the few industrial facilities in the Balearic Islands with an A-rating (in the Balearic Islands, 43% Buildings has a G rating and 34% E rating), with a 38% reduction in energy demand compared to conventional construction. This has been achieved thanks to the following measures:

– Installation of 32 photovoltaic panels of 305W of unit power for the production of 15,000 kWh / year of electrical energy. This production is sufficient to fully cover 100% of the consumption required in the building for air conditioning and domestic hot water.

– Compact design, taking into account the orientation of the building and its openings.

– Use of crystals of low emissivity and with solar control.

– Possibility of natural cross ventilation between north and south facades.

– Design of passive solar protection (eaves, pergola, etc.)

– Use of thermal insulation in facades and roofs, with thicknesses above average.

– Use of landscaped roof in most of the building, further increasing the insulation.

– Layout of skylights to maximize the entrance of natural light.

– Use of LED luminaires for all interior lighting.

– Construction of a cistern with capacity to store 100,000 liters of rainwater, which will be used in toilets and irrigation. A measure that supposes a reduction of the consumption of water in 320 cubic meters to the year.

– Installation of a high efficiency cooling system. The air conditioning installation has been made with air-heat pump systems, outdoor air with enthalpy heat recovery and free cooling.

Labo’Life, Labo’Life France, Labo’Life Belgium, Labo’Life Italia and DIMI (International Development of Microimmunotherapy) . At this point, Labo’Life stands out for attracting talent from outside and retaining the talent of the Balearic Islands, since about 30% of the workers of Mallorca are graduates of the University of the Balearic Islands. On the other hand, Labo’Life is an integrated company in its productive environment, is part of the Biomedical and Biotechnology Cluster of the Balearic Islands (BIOIB) and maintains an important open line of collaboration in training, research and employment with the University of the Islands Balearics.

Microimmunotherapy is immunotherapy in low concentrations. The Labo’Life drugs serve to support and recover the immune system, the central pillar of health. They use nucleic acids (RNA, DNA, SNA) and immunocompetent substances (cytokines, chemokines or growth factors) obtained synthetically in the laboratory using biotechnology techniques. Its field of application is very broad, and different pathologies can be treated in which the immune system presents alterations, from viral infections to cancer, different bacterial infections, allergies or autoimmune diseases.